2023 Shipping Policies for Aero Burro

  1. Service Fee
    No service fee for Mailbox Subscribers! Just the import duties and shipping costs.
  2. Non Mailbox Subscribers
    Non Mailbox Subscribers can still order products but there is a $10 service fee in addition to the import duties and shipping cost in item #5 below.
  3. One item per invoice please
    If possible, it’s easiest to track and verify shipments if you can keep the invoice to a single item.
  4. Email invoice to AeroBurro
    Invoice needs to be emailed to AeroBurro BEFORE the item arrives in San Diego!
    Please make subject line of email: Your Name/Item being sent
    This is critical as we have a large volume of packages and matching a random package without the invoice will DELAY your shipment by possibly weeks. We charge a $5 fee for packages that arrive prior to us receiving the invoice because it can take hours to track things down.
  5. Import duties and shipping cost is 36% of invoice
    Total value of all items is assessed at 36% and is verified by Mexican Customs.
  6. Pay on line via PayPal using Friends and family
    IMPORTANT!!! Make sure to use “FRIENDS AND FAMILY” payment method or we’ll have to charge you the fees PayPal charges us!!
  7. Put some extra on account
    You may also pay a little extra money and we’ll credit your account on future packages. This will keep our cost down which we pass on to you
  8. All packages need to be sent to the CORRECT San Diego warehouse address only.
    Failure to put correct receiving address will result in the loss of the item.
  9. Yearly Mail Service Subscription fee for new clients is $150.00 per year
    No service fee for shipping packages for mail box subscribers!
  10. All Entries require a corresponding invoice emailed to AeroBurro before arrival at the San Diego warehouse.


Your Name/AB
2215 Paseo de las Americas Suite 25
San Diego, CA 92154

US: 360-521-5139
Mex: 624-189-5071


For more information or questions please call 360-521-5139 or email aeroburro@live.com