Mail Service

US Mail service to Los Barriles? Yup – it’s easy –

  • We offer 2 plans:
    • Yearly – only $150 per year for a household
      Not per person – per household!
    • 6 Month plan – vacation plan – just $90 for your household!
  • Mail is forwarded to Los Barriles once a week
  • We email you if/when you have mail
  • Bonus!
    With mail service you avoid the $10 fee for package delivery – just pay the shipping/import costs – check it out here
  • The mailing address is (NOTE: This is different than address for packages!)
    • <Your Name>/AB
      8640 Siempre Viva Road
      San Diego, CA 92154

For more details about costs and general policies – click here for policy page

For more information or questions please call 360-521-5139 or email