paul-sailingPaul de Smit was born on a pirate ship somewhere off the coast of India – she was a privateer ship in search of booty for the queen of England at the time but mostly available to anyone who would pay more than the current client.

He was abandoned on a small deserted island in the Caribbean at a young age (probably for talking too much!). After a year or so he was picked up by some Canadian people who taught him to speak French – but he quickly decided that he missed the Caribbean life (every time he heard Jimmy Buffet music)… so he ran away from home and stowed away on a freighter back down to the British Virgin Islands.

paul-rumNowadays, Paul hangs out here in Los Barriles – and drinks tankards of Rum drinks – stop in and say hi at the Plum Loco shop… there are always lots of goodies for sale there along with some pirate booty if you look hard enough – and some free books to read… arrrrrrrrgh!